Android 4 Supports Game Controllers

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich, adhering to Google’s snack-based naming convention of its mobile OS) will allow input via gamepad, per Engadget via Googler Romain Guy. Combined with game emulators and purpose-built phone games, you can have a solid gaming experience not only at your fingertips, but at home with a controller and viewed on your television rather than on a four-inch piece of glass obscured by your thumbs. With smartphones growing ever more powerful (my Samsung Galaxy SII is just a video card and a few processor cycles away from my first-gen Intel iMac), they stand to become a legitimate gaming platform.

Of course this is of questionable value to anyone with a gaming PC or gaming console, but many people don’t game enough to justify the purchase of dedicated hardware, whereas a smartphone’s versatility makes its purchase more compelling. Combined with the probably inevitable advent of 3D Input (that page is well worth a look), phones may well end up on equal footing with other gaming platforms, at least as far as legitimacy in the eyes of consumers is concerned.