Bending the Truth

Cereal is my breakfast food of choice. I usually buy it at Costco, and last time we were there I happened to buy a box of “Vector” cereal “meal replacement”. The front of the box advertises the fact that it contains 13 grams of protein per serving, and I wondered as the box was in my cart whether they had sneakily included the protein from the milk (after all, it is the “suggested serving”). Continue reading

Life Expectancy vs Life Extension

There has been a lot of buzz about life extension in the wake of Google’s anti-aging venture named Calico (which stands for California Life Company). The new company will tackle the diseases and physical decline that accompany aging.

Often, whenever life extension comes up, people point to the great increases in life expectancy the “first world” has experienced in the last century (from about 50 years old in 1913 to over 80 in 2013) as an example of life extension. I disagree. Continue reading