Life Expectancy vs Life Extension

There has been a lot of buzz about life extension in the wake of Google’s anti-aging venture named Calico (which stands for California Life Company). The new company will tackle the diseases and physical decline that accompany aging.

Often, whenever life extension comes up, people point to the great increases in life expectancy the “first world” has experienced in the last century (from about 50 years old in 1913 to over 80 in 2013) as an example of life extension. I disagree. Continue reading

Bad Time to Be a Bus Driver

Not too long ago I mentioned bus drivers in passing in a post about how technology was slowly eroding certain jobs. Bus drivers are an appealing (i.e. profitable) target for self-driving car technology, much more so than offering self-driving cars to consumers.

Sure enough, the decline of the bus driver has already started - Singapore is testing a fleet of driver-less electric shuttles that look like a large golf cart. Continue reading